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Apple Silicon means Apple can make products it “couldn’t achieve otherwise” says Tim Cook

(Pocket-lint) – Apple chief Tim Cook says the transition of Macs from Intel to Apple Silicon will mean the company can make products it “couldn’t achieve otherwise”.

He added that the recently-announced move “unleashes another round of innovation and so I don’t want to say a lot about it, other than we’re extremely excited about it.” 

“[We will have] a common architecture across all of our products which gives us interesting things that we can do.”

Apple previously spoke about the benefits for developers in producing common apps across Mac, iPhone and iPad, but this is the closest we’ve got to Apple saying that the move means new generations of products – after all, what could the company do that wouldn’t have worked with Intel inside? Native 5G connectivity for Macs could be one thing that will be easier with a mobile chip inside. 

Cook was speaking during Apple’s earnings call yesterday, where it was revealed that iPad sales have jumped 30 percent and Mac sales 20 percent during recent months. We also found out the the iPhone 12 will be delayed by a few weeks until October. 

Replying to questions, Cook also said of the move to Apple Silicon: “I don’t want to make a forever comment but we’re a product company, and we love making the whole thing.” That’s been clear from Apple’s iPad and iPhone strategy for some time – and now it hopes to bring the same benefits to the Mac. However, we also know there will be new Intel Macs this year and probably beyond it. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.

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