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Australia news live: government under fire over handling of rape allegations as voters lose trust

The summer just gone was Australia’s wettest in four years, with official data showing there was above average rainfall as a cooling La Niña imposed itself across much of the continent.

The average temperature across the continent was slightly above average, representing a respite from the previous two summers that remain in the nation’s top two on record for heat.

Data from the Bureau of Meteorology showed the wet summer included an especially drenched December. Countrywide, it was the third wettest on record going back to 1900.

You can read the full story below:

Eight teenagers and an octogenarian nun have head to an Australian court this morning to launch what they hope will prove to be a landmark case – one that establishes the federal government’s duty of care in protecting future generations from a worsening climate crisis.

If successful, the people behind the class action believe it may set a precedent that stops the government approving new fossil fuel projects.

As with any novel legal argument, its chances of success are unclear, but the case is not happening in isolation.

You can read more about the case below:

And listen to the amazing Full Story podcast episode on the topic here:

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