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Biden announces goal to get all educators at least one dose of Covid vaccine by end of March


CNN’s Pete Muntean is in the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio, speaking to individuals who just received their first Johnson and Johnson single-dose vaccine.

He spoke to 86-year-old Barbara Schmalenberger about her experience getting vaccinated today.

“Oh, it’s exciting. It’s great, and I don’t even feel a thing. A while ago just a little bit of warmth and then that was it. It faded away and — and I don’t even feel like I had a shot now,” she said.

Schmalenberger told him why she had specifically been waiting for the Johnson and Johnson shot.

“It’s better because it’s one shot and also a very trusted name from clear back from when my children were babies, so it’s just – something just kept telling me to wait on this,” she said.

She said her journey to get vaccinated has been emotional.

“I called yesterday and I was on the phone with them a long time, I was crying because I was upset because I couldn’t find out when I could get this shot and I wanted this shot. I didn’t want to settle for anything else,” she told CNN.

Schmalenberger also shared a message for people who may be reluctant to get a vaccine. 

“You need to get it because it protects you, with all these viruses and everything going around, people can’t be what they want to be. They can’t go out. They can’t do things. I haven’t been able to go out to dinner in a restaurant like I love to do and all of those things, and for your health you need to get it, but also, too, get the one that you’re the most – you feel the best about, and I felt the best about this from day one,” she said.

More about the vaccine: Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose coronavirus vaccine is the third Covid-19 shot authorized for use in the US. The US Food and Drug Administration authorized the vaccine Saturday, and it began to be administered across the country this week.

The vaccine, made by Janssen, ,J&J’s vaccine arm, was found to be safe and effective, and it doesn’t require special storage. The vaccine is authorized for people ages 18 and older.

CNN’s Jen Christensen contributed reporting to this post.

Watch the moment here:

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