Shark Tank India: Watch Full Episodes Online to Recap the Best Moments of Season 1

Shark Tank India completed its first season last week. The business reality show, based on its American counterpart, included as many as 198 startups — of which 67 landed deals from the investors on the panel, popularly known as “Sharks”. The show introduced new business concepts across its 35 episodes that were aired on TV by … Read more

Signal Users Can Now Change Registered Phone Number Without Losing Chat History: Here’s How

Signal has introduced a new functionality that lets users change their registered phone number on the app, without losing their chat history. When a user changes their phone number on Signal, all their contacts will get a in-chat notification that mentions the update. Since all conversations on Signal are end-to-end encrypted, the instant messaging service … Read more

How to Add Your COVID-19 Vaccine Records to Apple Health, Wallet on Your iPhone

COVID-19 vaccine certificate is a validation that shows whether you have successfully completed a vaccination course. In light of the ongoing pandemic, the certificate acts as a ticket to make use of many necessary services across the globe, and we are required to carry it everywhere. However, the easiest way to access the COVID-19 vaccine … Read more

Wordle: How to Block Scores From Your Twitter Feed

Wordle — the daily secret word game — has taken social media by storm recently. With its little green, yellow, and grey-coloured square emojis, the game has flooded social media feeds to become a viral trend. Developed by a Brooklyn-based software engineer named Josh Wardle, Wordle is slightly similar to crossword and a sudoku puzzle. … Read more

OnePlus Nord Series Phone Priced Under Rs. 20,000 Tipped to Launch in India in Q3: Leaked Specifications

OnePlus is said to be working on a new smartphone for India in the sub-Rs. 20,000 segment. The Chinese smartphone company that recently launched the OnePlus 9RT in India is reportedly planning to introduce a new OnePlus Nord smartphone in the above-mentioned margin. A tentative launch timeline of Q3 2022 has been tipped. The upcoming … Read more

How to Block Unknown Numbers on Android Phones From Google, Samsung, Xiaomi

Looking for information on how to block unknown numbers on an Android phone? Google by default provides the option to block unknown numbers on Android. However, since the Android world is of a heterogeneous nature, there’s no one way of blocking unknown numbers on phones from different manufacturers. Different skins and interfaces have distinct ways … Read more