Is Snooping on Teenagers Ever O.K.?

So, if parents suspect that their teenager might be in trouble, what should they do? The prevailing wisdom suggests a straightforward solution: Start by asking. Though teenagers are usually tight-lipped about topics they deem personal, such as how they spend their free time or allowance, research on parent-adolescent communication shows that teenagers believe their parents … Read more

Is Your Workout Not Working? Maybe You’re a Non-Responder

Is your workout getting you nowhere? Research and lived experience indicate that many people who begin a new exercise program see little if any improvement in their health and fitness even after weeks of studiously sticking with their new routine. Among fitness scientists, these people are known as “nonresponders.” Their bodies simply don’t respond to … Read more

Out of Sorts Around the Holidays? It Could Be Family Jet Lag

And the divisive presidential election didn’t help, adding an extra sprinkle of tension to families that include both Trump and Clinton voters. So how is it possible to not only survive the holidays this year with your family, but enjoy them? Dr. Fried emphasized that different strategies like daily mindfulness and meditation techniques may provide … Read more

Can You Get Too Much Protein?

“People think carbs are the enemy, protein is your friend,” said Eleanor Dwyer, a research analyst with the firm, and “that any health concerns are overblown.” Experts note, however, that there is only so much protein the body can use. “The body only digests and absorbs a certain amount of protein at every meal,” about … Read more

When the Picky Eater Is a Grown-Up

Children are known for being picky eaters. But what happens when these picky eaters grow up? Many children leave behind their quirky eating habits as they get older. But “what is less certain are the predictors of who will remain a picky eater in adulthood,” said Nancy Zucker, a psychologist and director of the Duke … Read more

How to Be Mindful at the Holiday Table

“Holidays often come wrapped in memories and expectations. Mindfulness offers the gift of being present in the moment. Just show up and be interested. At holidays, this means simply being present in the moment with compassion for yourself, and others.” — Nina Smiley, director of mindfulness programming at Mohonk Mountain House. As you sit down … Read more