Ways To Contact Facebook – Have you ever contacted Facebook? Or maybe you’ve wanted to, but didn’t know how? Like, you have an account that got hacked, and you need help getting it back.

Or maybe you didn’t understand their Ads options, and you wanted them to explain better.

Well, that’s why I created this article. I will show you ways to contact Facebook and get support when you need it.

Ways To Contact Facebook
Ways To Contact Facebook

Do you know that Facebook has a phone number, which users can use to get in contact with them? I guess you don’t, but unfortunately, no Facebook customer service agents pick up the phone. Just in case you still want the number, here it is 650-543-4800.


Problems could arise from anywhere on Facebook, it could be from a post, a comment, a picture or a video and you don’t know how to rectify it, like, you have no idea at all.

Here are the steps to follow:-

Step 1:-  Enter the and log in with your username and password.

Step 2:-  Find the post, comment, picture or video that is a problem.

Step 3:-  Choose an option

How to locate the options button for the following:

— Posts:-  Click on the button with the three dots above the post at the right-hand side.

— Comments:-  Click on the comment and choose the last option “Find support or report comment”.

— Pictures:- Click the picture and then click Options at the bottom – the right of the picture.

–Videos:-  Click on the video and then click the three dots below the video.

— Groups:-  Click on the group name and then click the button, “More” below the group profile image.

Step 4:-  Click the option to “Report”.

Step 5:-  Select how the content goes against Facebook’s community standards.

Step 6:-  Click send.


Step 1:-  Open the “Facebook Help Center” website.

Step 2:-  Review the options toolbar.

The options include:-

— Using Facebook:- This option covers basic Facebook functionality, including how-tos on friending, messaging, as well as account creation.

— Managing your account:- This covers your login and your profile settings.

— Privacy and Safety:- These options covers account security, unfriending people, and hacked accounts.

— Policies and Reporting:- This covers basic reporting such as spam, as well as reporting a hacked or fake account.

— You can equally check out the “Questions you may have” and “popular topics” sections on this page.

Step 3:- Select a relevant section.

Like, if you are having a problem unfriending or blocking someone, you would select the “Privacy and Safety” section and then click the “Hacked and Fake Accounts”.

Step 4:- Review additional options.


Step 1:- Open the Disabled Facebook account.

Step 2:- Click on “Use this form to request a review”.

This is next to “If you think your account was disabled by mistake” header toward the bottom of the page.

Step 3:- Enter the email address or mobile number you sign in with Facebook.

Step 4:- Enter your full name or username

Step 5:- Click “browse”.

This is to upload a picture of an ID; it can be a driver’s license or a passport photo.

Step 6:- Click on the file location to find the image of your ID.

Step 7:- Click the ID picture and click open.

Step 8:- Enter details into the “Additional info” box, like, why your account shouldn’t have been deactivated, why you want your account to be activated and so on.

Step 9:- Click send.

You can also connect with other users in the Facebook Community Forum and browse questions by topic at the top of the page. If you only find old or closed threads, you can use the “Ask a Question” button to post your question.

Any of the above options can get you the support you need.

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