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Demi Lovato Thinks it’s Derogatory to Call ETs ‘Aliens’, Neil Tyson Says ‘Don’t Worry’

Tyson said that all the aliens he has ever met have had no feelings.

Offering a solution to Demi Lovato’s concern with the term ‘alien’, Tyson said that just to be specific, always say ‘space aliens’.

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  • Last Updated:October 14, 2021, 15:41 IST

American pop singer and actor Demi Lovato has managed to raise a few eyebrows with their recent statement where they said that using the term ‘alien’ is derogatory. The comment was made during one of the promotions of their new documentary called, Unidentified With Demi Lovato. In the upcoming documentary, Lovato embarks on a road trip to investigate the truth about perceived UFO (unidentified flying object) phenomena. Speaking to E! News earlier this week, Lovato explained their reasoning while responding to fan speculation that they have a new unreleased song called Aliens.

Lovato quashed the rumour and said their fans should know that they do not call them “aliens” because it is a “derogatory term for anything.” Lovato told the entertainment news portal that they think that people have to stop calling them aliens because it is a derogatory term for anything. The singer went on to say that theydonot even prefer the term extraterrestrials, which is why they call them ETs. When asked if Lovato would be releasing a song on ETs, they said that singer Katy Perry has already done it. Lovato was referring to Katy’s 2011 single E.T., which also featured rapper Kanye West.

Responding to Lovato’s statement on aliens, astrophysicist and planetary scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson told TMZ that it is not in our best interests to worry about such a thing when planet Earth has yet to make a documented contact with alien life. Tyson said that all the aliens he has ever met have had no feelings. He further mentioned that to be worried about offending them by calling them an alien, he wonders what Lovato is thinking is going on in the head of species of life from another planet. “I mean, I know it’s very considerate… But really?” said Tyson.

Offering a solution to Lovato’s concern with the term Alien, Tyson said that just to be specific, always say “space aliens.” This way, the term we use to call aliens on earth, like undocumented immigrants, will become the new term for them.

Lovato came out as a non-binary person earlier this year and changed their pronouns to they/them.

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