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Donald Trump Doppelganger Selling Kulfi in Pakistan With Soulful Baritone is Winning the Internet

The internet has helped bring fame to many people around the world and celebrity-lookalikes have often piqued interest of people. And thanks to the power of social media, former US President Donald Trump seems to have been the latest to gain a doppelganger, in Pakistan! Trump, who last year lost his presidency to Democrat Joe Biden, has now gained a doppelganger and that too with a talent the former president has so far not attributed to- music. The man from Pakistan supposedly suffers from albinism and has blond white hair and also a physique similar to Donald Trump and is a kulfi seller and has been seen singing beside his cart.

Pakistani singer Shehzad Roy also shared it on his social media handles praising the Trump lookalike who is seen singing wearing kurta pajama. He captioned the video, “Wah. Qulfi walay bhai, Kya baat hai.”

The man is seen singing in a powerful voice as he pushes his cart, selling the delicious treat.

Several social media users also shared the video and some pointed out the kulfi seller actually hails from Sahiwal in Punjab area of Pakistan and he is called ‘Chacha Bagga’. Many users said they have eaten the kulfi seller’s dessert for many years and will do their best to help him.

The video also quickly became viral on Twitter and users joked how Trump is no resorted to selling ‘kulfi’ in Pakistan after losing the US elections last year. Another person added, “Didn’t know the former US President could sing.”

Another user wrote, “Looks = Donald Trump. Soul = Naseebo Lal,” referring to the acclaimed Pakistani singer.

Many also shared concerns about his skin condition as to how the harsh sun rays could harm his skin severely and several users wanted to him help.

Well, Chacha Bagga might not be able to contest in US polls, but we wish him the very best of health!

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