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Dubai’s ‘Black Diamond’ Ice Cream With 23k Edible Gold Costs Rs 60,000

Capitalism has done it again. A scoop of vanilla ice cream, dubbed ‘Black Diamond’, at Dubai’s Scoopi cafe costs a whopping Rs 60,000. Served in a Versace cup, it is being called the world’s most expensive ice cream. Actor and travel vlogger Shenaz Treasury discovered it during her visit to Dubai. “60,000 rupees for an ice cream 🍨!!!! Eating GOLD 🍦Only in Dubai. 😂 World’s most expensive ice cream 🍦,” Treasury captioned the video of herself eating the ice cream. She added that it tasted “interesting”.

She added that she had been given the ice cream for free. According to a CNBC report cited by news organisation The Indian Express, the ‘Black Diamond’ ice cream was launched by the cafe in 2015. It contains 23 carat edible gold sprinkled on top of Madagascar vanilla ice cream, with Iranian saffron and black truffle.

Under Treasury’s Instagram post, one user wrote, “Planning a Dubai trip is easy than planning to eat this 😂”. Another said, “Gold has no nutritional value. Simply passes through the digestive system without affecting any of the digestive processes”.

One Instagram user had a poignant response: “Not just ONE thing, there are sooo many priceless things in life money can’t buy; Family, friends, happiness, peace of mind, nature,love and the list goes on… And I believe anything that’s taking a lot of money can’t give us fullest happiness, just like how u r not able to tell this luxurious ice cream tasty but interesting if u r wealthy enough🙌..Good to see unique things thou😍”.

Scoopi cafe often presents quirky and opulent dishes such as this one. Recently, it posted a photo of a coffee containing 23 carat edible gold.

Another of the cafe’s desserts containing edible gold is the charcoal ice cream. The magestic looking dish is black and adorned with gold.

On the cafe’s sixth birthday, they even posted a gold burger. “Well, I do eat all my carats! So many great burgers but ours is the best you will get in the city and to top it all it’s in Gold!” the cafe captioned its photo of the burger topped with edible gold.

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