FACEBOOK JOB LISTINGS – Sometime last year, I came across a job on Facebook, with a nice pay at that and I was intrigued. Like, so a job can be posted on Facebook? Thereafter, I made research on how to post a job opening on Facebook.


Not only the posting part but also you can fill out the registration form, all on Facebook. The processes involved are uniquely effortless, and you can always edit and review your information beforehand.

Now if that’s not exciting, I don’t know what else can be.

However, if you want to learn how to post a job opening on Facebook, you have come to the right place.

I will be showing you a step by step way to create a Facebook job listing together with the benefits involved in using a Facebook job listing, which is equally important if you are planning on using it as a recruiting process.


Step 1:-  Go to your Business page or company Facebook profile

You have to own a business page or have access to a company’s Facebook page to be able to post a job opening.

In your business page, on the left-hand side menu, there is an option for “Jobs”, click on it.

Remember to change your messaging setting, to make it possible for applicants to contact you.

Step 2:-  Create a Facebook job post

There are two ways to create a Facebook job posting, and these are both available on your Facebook Business page.

(A)  Using the menu:- 

As I said earlier in the first step, on the left-hand side menu, scroll down till you see the “Jobs” option. Clicking on it gives you an option to “create Job”.

(B)   Using  “Manage jobs”:-

 You can choose this from the menu tab at the top of your business page. Similarly, you will have an option to “create a job”, choose that option in order to create a job on Facebook.

Step 3:-  Add the necessary information to your facebook Job posting

Giving enough information about the job helps in attracting top talent.

This includes the title of the job, type of Job, Location, and how much it pays. Also, don’t forget to add additional details that will help a candidate know whether they are fit for your job.

Step 4:-. Click “publish a job post”

Here, you also get the chance to review your job and do the necessary changes that you would like.

By clicking on the post job button, you have published it, making it visible to visitors. Facebook users subscribe to jobs by choosing job titles they have interest in, and when this is done in your location or job titles which are similar to yours, your job post pops up so they can apply.

Step 5:-. Boost your post once it goes live

In order to boost your Facebook job listing, you have to pay to advertise it. By doing this, the job is pushed out to be seen by more Facebook users.

You can advertise your Facebook job beyond 30 days and reach more job seekers by boosting the job post.

Easy to do right? I know this question might be on your mind. Does it cost to post a job on Facebook?

As a matter of fact, posting a job on Facebook can only cost you money if you choose to boost your post through paid advertising. This cost varies on the size of your target audience and how long the advertisement would last.


(1)  It is simple:-

Posting a job opening on Facebook, either on your company’s Facebook page or business page takes less than 10 minutes, not to mention tracking applications and communicating with the applicants.

The jobs you posted may appear in the new jobs bookmark or on people’s news feed or even alongside other posts on other business pages.

This process is also easy for applicants, by clicking on the “Apply now” button, a form opens that includes information from their profile. Thus, making it hassle-free and fast and popular with candidates.

(2)  It is free:-

For now, posting a job opening on Facebook is free; I don’t know about later. But also bear in mind that Facebook may place limitations and fees on the number of jobs you post.

(3):-  It helps your job post reach a wider and important audience.

As can be seen, Facebook Job listings or openings serves as one of the major ways to publicize your job and get people who are interested in working for you. Since it’s free, Facebook has made it in such a way that anyone can post a job, thus making it readily available for use anytime

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