FACEBOOK MARKETING – Facebook has about one million users daily; this makes it a golden arena for businesses and brands. Due to its popularity, it has a lot of advantages in helping to advertise and promote your products and services to a higher audience.

Taking advantage of the amount of Facebook users to increase awareness about your brand can help you to get a large number of the audience around the globe.


Various reasons make Facebook an important online marketing strategy, and that includes:- its popularity as I earlier mentioned, its large demographics, it’s fast growth rate, its highly targeted Facebook Ads, which you can use in promoting your products and services to your audience, and it’s affordability.

Now, nobody ever said that running a business is easy; in fact, it is the direct opposite. Every startup has a social media platform but not having any social media strategy can as well bring down your brand when you have not even started.

Using Facebook as one of the many social media services available around the world, you will learn different ways to build a marketing strategy for your startup.

Create A Facebook Profile

There are certain basics involved in creating a Facebook profile, your profile image creates a kind of first impression, and it reflects what type of person you are, and because of this, you need to upload an image that represents you and your brand.

You also need to establish your mission, objectives, and goals that you need to achieve using this profile.

Always bear in mind that your Facebook profile helps build trust in your audience when they check it. Create your Facebook profile with business information and always check your demographics to get an insight on your audience behavior.

Facebook Marketing – Create A Content Strategy

Having a blog where you can produce original contents before posting on your Facebook profile or page is important, but you must not own a blog to achieve this, publishing original content on Facebook is also good, you have to be consistent.

When creating content, think about your audience, think about what type of content to publish to get the maximum engagement, be consistent in publishing contents, so your audience doesn’t lose interest and also think about ways to promote the content you’ve published, so to get more audience.

These can help you come up with a brilliant strategy in developing contents necessary for your products and brand.

Using Facebook Videos

Our minds get more active when exposed to something virtually; for instance, a write up of about 1000+ words can be explained at length using a three to five minutes video.

Facebook videos are more engaging than written contents, it stimulates people in a more powerful manner and Facebook has provided a wonderful platform for videos to help mold businesses in the coming years.

Go Live On Facebook

This is one of the most genuine ways to pass key messages across to your audience. It involves real people discussion with real people.

Going live on Facebook gives your customers to ability to speak directly to you because as you go live, all those following you get a notification to connect with you. It also helps you to get your customer’s attention.

Interact With Your Audience – Facebook Marketing

There are many ways in which you can interact with your audience or followers, getting your fans to create a wonderful content can help you get some buzz in the market, coming up with contests or give away prizes draws a huge engagement to your brand.

Starting a discussion about a particular topic can stir your audience, take for instance if you are a fashion brand, you can ask your customer post pictures of dresses and best accessories to go with them. This strategy can help accelerate more exposure to your brand.

Responding to comments on your page or group also serves as a great way to put your brand out there.

Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook serves as a great strategy in promoting your brands and products.

Creating and running campaigns can help you reach your target audience because just one advertisement or Facebook Ad can show up everywhere, attracting the attention of numerous users that might be interested in using your brand or services.

Facebook Business Pages

A Facebook Business page is like your home or office where intending prospects can visit you to learn more about your services and brands.

Remember to make use of Facebook Ads to promote your business page; you can also provide your website as well as your Facebook address and email, this will help your prospects to reach out to you when necessary.

Facebook Insights Data

You can export your Facebook insights data so you can analyze how your Facebook campaigns are doing. It can also help tell you more about the people who like your page or the people who engage with your content.

Tag People

Doing this helps in attaining higher audience reach, not only will the post show up in their feed, but it will also show up on their friends feeds.

Join Facebook Groups

Engaging with others in different Facebook groups by posting contents about your services as well as other people’s content helps in spreading your name and brand and makes it easier for people to remember you.

It is also an amazing strategy because this is where all the conversation and free Facebook marketing takes place outside of your personal group.

Use Your Email

Numerous people in business have adopted the use of emails to support their fashion profiles and pages.

Emails and Facebook serve as a team to help fulfill a purpose. It plays an important role in conversation between company and consumer.


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