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Ford F-150 Lightning event: How to watch Ford debut its electric pickup truck

(Pocket-lint) – Ford has announced the name of its electric pickup truck. Called the F-150 Lightning, it is set to be unveiled in May at an event in Michigan.

The entire show will be live-streamed. Here’s how you can watch it for yourself, plus everything you can expect.

When is Ford’s F-150 Lightning event?

Ford’s F-150 is one of the bestselling trucks in the US, and such, the electric version is much-anticipated. Ford is making the reveal into a big deal, streaming it across multiple platforms and even hosting 18 in-person events around the country, including in Times Square and Las Vegas.

The electric truck will debut at 9:30pm EDT on 19 May 2021. Here are the different times around the world:

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  • New York: 9:30pm
  • California: 6:30pm
  • London: 2:30am (20 May)
  • Paris: 3:30am (20 May)
  • Berlin: 3:30am (20 May)
  • New Delhi: 7am (20 May)
  • Tokyo: 10:30am (20 May)
  • Hong Kong: 9:30am (20 May)

How to watch Ford’s F-150 Lightning event

The event will be broadcast live from Ford’s Facebook profile and YouTube channel and Twitter. We hope to embed the stream here when it’s available.

What to expect from Ford’s F-150 Lightning event

Ford, so far, has only announced a few details about the F-150 Lightning, such as the dual-motor configurations, mobile power generation, “hands-free” driver-assist options, and over-the-air software updates. Ford is expected to not only unveil its electric truck and confirm more details during the event but will also play up its Lightning branding. It has a history at Ford, having appeared on the SVT F-150 street trucks in the early 1990s. 

Keep in mind the F-150 Lightning won’t actually go on sale until 2022, and it will be produced at a new manufacturing plant in Michigan. Ford has said it plans to spend $22 billion on manufacturing over a dozen EVs and gas-electric hybrid by 2025. The all-electric and hybrid F-150 are among those EVs planned.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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