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Google Chrome Rollout for Apple M1 Macs Resumes After ‘Unexpected Error’ Halts Release

Soon after Apple launched its first Apple M1-powered Mac computers, Google started rolling out a Mac version of its Chrome web browser that is optimised for Apple’s M1 Silicon chip. However, the rollout was paused soon after as some users experienced ‘unexpected crashes.’ Less than a day after the company paused the new Google Chrome rollout for M1-powered Mac computers, it has now been resumed and M1-powered Mac users can go ahead and start downloading the new web browser.

Now that users are being able to download Chrome for their M1-powered Mac computers again, those with the Intel variant of the web browser are not getting updated automatically. Instead, they need to uninstall the current version of Chrome and then install the optimised version differently. To download Chrome on M1-powered Mac computers, users need to visit google.com/chrome and click the download button. The webpage shows an option to select between ‘Mac with Intel chip’ and ‘Mac with Apple chip’ when a user opens the Chrome download page on an M1-powered Mac. The ‘Mac with Intel chip’ option is marked as most common on the Chrome download page.

Google had pulled the Google Chrome rollout for M1-powered MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the Mac Mini due to unexpected crashes. However, a workaround was soon released, where users needed to go into the System Preferences in order to make Chrome work on their M1-powered Macs. In order to implement the workaround, users needed to go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy > Bluetooth > Add Application (+) > Google Chrome > Restart Chrome. Google haD said that users with Google Chrome for Mac with Apple chip can uninstall the browser and download the version for Mac with Intel, in case they’re facing problems.

Meanwhile, some users are also reporting that the Intel version for Chrome on the Mac is automatically updating to the Apple Silicon variant. The support for Apple Silicon is coming with Google Chrome’s version 87, which also brings a slew of performance enhancements, including a 5x CPU usage reduction and a 1.25 hour increase in battery life. Further, Google said that the latest version of Chrome opens 25 percent faster than the previous version.

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