How To Relocate To Canada And Become A Painter

How to relocate to Canada and become a painterI know you may not believe it but relocating to Canada is entirely possible!

Let me tell you how;

Trade skills are high in demand in many countries around the world and Canada is not left out. With the increased shortage of skilled workers in the country, the Canadian government has created several immigration pathways to admit individuals with trade skills. The best part is with just an apprenticeship and high school certificate, you can commence this journey. Many persons have successfully migrated to Canada as employees using this in-demand job skill.

As with other countries, painters in Canada are majorly tasked with applying paint to both interior and exterior surfaces of a building or structure. They may be either employed by building contractors, painting contractors, and building maintenance contractors or they may be self-employed.

According to NOC 7294, painters here may refer to apprentice industrial painters, bridge painters, construction painters, house painters, industrial construction painters, industrial maintenance painters, roof painters, etc.

You should note that the word “painter” under this section excludes all automotive painters, visual artists, and interior decorators.

Employment Requirements to migrate to Canada as a Painter

To successfully migrate to Canada as a Painter, you must meet the following requirements;

  • You must have completed three to four years of apprenticeship in the trade or
  • Must have over three years of work experience in the field that may translate to a certificate
  • High school certification is usually needed
  • In Quebec, trade certification is mandatory and available for painters but this is not the case in other provinces and territories
  • Red seal endorsement is also available for painters upon successful completion if the red seal examination.

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Immigration pathways for Painters

Painters willing to migrate to Canada may explore any of the following pathways,

  1. Express Entry program
  2. Provincial Nomination Program
  3. Quebec Experience Class
  4. Job offer
  5. In-demand occupations
  6. Express Entry


  1. Express Entry program

As with other occupations, The Express Entry program remains the easiest way to migrate to Canada as a Painter. There are three pathways under this program available to you but they are not without their specific requirements. In making a decision as to which path to choose from, be sure to keep each specific requirement in mind.

These pathways include:

  • Canada Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program


  1. Provincial Nomination Program

One may also choose to go this route to migrate to Canada. The Provincial Nomination Program is specially designed by the different provinces seeking to fill up in-demand jobs. This is basically equal to the Express Entry program.

Once you check the requirements and you meet them, you may apply. However, be ready to live and work in the province that nominated you.

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  1. Quebec Experience Class

If you are willing to live and work in Quebec, then this pathway may be for you. However, all requirements made by the authorities must be met before you may be admitted. An example is proving your proficiency in the French language and meeting the working conditions for persons living in Quebec.


  1. Job Offer

A job offer from a well-recognized establishment or institution in Canada paves this way for you. The employee must however fulfill certain conditions such as getting approvals and proving you are the best person for the job. You must also meet all the conditions for working in Canada.


  1. In-demand jobs

Certain jobs are classified as being in high demand at different times in Canada. This demand may vary by region. Where painting is an in-demand job for any province, immigration becomes easier using an in-demand job program.

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