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How to watch the Nissan Ariya electric car unveiling live online

When are you going to launch an electric Qashqai? That’s got to be the question that’s most frequently asked of Nissan. Having had the Nissan Leaf on the road since 2010 – one of the top selling electric cars – it’s always been strange that Nissan hadn’t moved to occupy this crossover space when it has one of the biggest selling crossovers too. 

That’s about to change with the launch of the Nissan Ariya. The concept – first announced at the Tokyo Motor Show – was between Qashqai and X-Trail size, an SUV with a high-tech interior including a pair of 12-inch displays to provide the driver with plenty of information.

When is the Nissan Ariya launch?

The Nissan Ariya launch will take place on 15 July 2020, at 14:00 JST. Here’s a breakdown of the times globally:

  • Los Angeles – 22:00 PDT 14 July
  • New York – 01:00 EDT 15 July
  • London – 06:00 BST 15 July
  • Berlin – 07:00 CEST 15 July
  • Mumbai – 10:30 IST 15 July
  • Sydney 15:00 AEST 15 July

You can watch the event via the video embedded above.

Nissan Ariya battery and range specs

Nissan has not yet confirmed the battery capacity for the Ariya, but has confirmed that it’s a new platform for the company and that the battery will be packed into the floor which is common for larger electric cars – the VW group is doing exactly the same thing, for example. 

All we know is that the Ariya will support DC charging via Chademo.

Nissan Ariya performance specs

So far nothing has been said about what sort of performance we’ll see from the Ariya, but we Nissan has demonstrated its all-wheel drive e-4ORCE system on the Ariya concept. We’d expect to see this enhanced driving system on the final version. 

The Ariya concept also had a dual motor setup – something you need for the e-4ORCE system – but that also suggests that this is going to be a fairly powerful electric car. Much depends on the size, of course, and there’s nothing to stop Nissan using a pair of smaller motors to drive all wheels, without pushing the power right up to top levels.

We’re also expecting Nissan’s ProPilot system to take a step forward in the Ariya, delivering more autonomous driving features.

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