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KiaCharge will let Kia EV owners charge across networks with one single service

(Pocket-lint) – Looking to take some of the confusion out of charging, KiaCharge will aim to simplify the process for Kia EV and PHEV drivers by offering one single payment route.

KiaCharge will allow drivers to use one app or RFID card to access a range of charging services across the UK, including BP Pulse (formerly Chargemaster and Polar), PodPoint, Ionity, Source London, Chargepoint, NewMotion, Charg-gy and ESB.

Kia says that it will aim to add more services through 2021.

That will mean you don’t have to sign up to lots of different services, you won’t need to use a different app or card to access all these different chargers, you can just use KiaCharge – which will make things more convenient.

Kia says that KiaCharge will provide access to 13,900 charge points across the UK, including more than 1300 rapid chargers – to best take advantage of faster charging rates over 50kW.

The scheme also covers European roaming, with 178,000 charging points across the 28 European countries, meaning that driving on the continent will also be easier, with no need for contracts in those countries either.

How much will KiaCharge cost?

Of course nothing comes for free and there will be two tariffs for KiaCharge, Easy and Plus. Easy is aimed at infrequent chargers and Plus is designed for those who will use the charging networks more frequently.

Easy will charge £1.99 to access the service, but then will have no monthly fees. Instead you’ll pay £0.49 to access a charger (except BP Pulse or PodPoint) and then you’ll pay per kWh of electricity.

Plus will pay £2.99 a month, but won’t have to pay when they connect to a charger. Instead, they will just pay per kWh. There will also be a 15 per cent discount on those costs on most networks, but not Ionity, BP Pulse or Ionity.

You’ll be free to switch between the tariffs, so if you’re off on your holiday and will be driving more, you can switch if you think it’s going to offer you better value for money.

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There are some additions. You can have BP Pulse as bolt-on, priced at £7.85, which is the same price as a standard BP Pulse subscription. If you find yourself using BP Pulse a lot of the time, then this combined with the Easy KiaCharge tier might serve you well.

There will also be an Ionity bolt-on available later in 2021, which Kia says will be timed “to coincide with the launch of Kia’s next-generation battery EV”. This seems to be aimed at unlocking the 800V charging that Ionity will offer on Kia’s next car.

On top of the service, the supporting app will allow you to find charging stations, filter by the type that you want and navigate to them, although in most cases we’d imagine that you’ll be using the car’s own systems to navigate.

The KiaCharge service is now available for those who want to sign-up at KiaCharge.com.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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