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Letter: Be true to yourself and vote

Regardless of anyone’s political party, I reference an Oct. 2 letter written by Ron Molen of Salt Lake City and extend my heartfelt congratulations to him on expressing moral issues with the upcoming election.

Popularity with my Mormon friends and neighbors could be tested, but I feel I, too, have a right to my opinion and openly express it to all who read mine today.

I am not LDS, but respect choices by all. I am 85 years old and was born in Canada and brought up by Christian parents who raised eight children.

Many basic lessons were learned including The Golden Rule, to be honest, not to lie, be respectful and compassionate to others, stand up for yourself and above all remain moral.

I am civic-minded and chose U.S. citizenship in 2015 along with my Canadian heritage.

Remember to let your conscience be your guide, be true to yourself and vote.

Phyllis McGuirk, Murray

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