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Letter: Vote to prevent totalitarianism in next election

We’ve two senators representing Utah in our U.S. Congress. One is dignified and diplomatic and is committed to living up to the oath he’s taken. The other praises a man who ignites mobs into vitriolic action, a man’s movement that has only just begun. Could this movement advance as a coup one day? America’s future could easily become a totalitarian tragedy if we don’t strive to protect and maintain our liberty, equality and self-government.
One U.S. Senate seat and all four U.S. House seats will be up for grabs in the 2022 election. Depending on whom we elect, we may propel America toward totalitarianism or keep America soaring strong as a republic. Let’s not forget how harmful vitriol is to our nation. Our individual voices count and our individual votes will count more than ever in 2022.
Shelley Day, West Valley City

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