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Mercedes EQS sets the S Class standard for luxury electric cars

(Pocket-lint) – Mercedes has pulled the covers off the Mercedes EQS, giving us a luxury electric car, worthy of the S badge. Mercedes said it as S Class quality at the online launch.

It’s the first Mercedes to be designed from the ground up as an electric car, on a new dedicated electric platform, with Mercedes keen to push the green credentials of the car, with the manufacturing also being carbon neutral.

The S Class has long been the preferred choice for those wanting to travel in luxury, with as many enjoying it from the back seat as from the front. The EQS continues that and we’re sure this will become the car to be seen in for celebrities and politicians arriving at official events.


There’s a new look to the EQS, with a new design which Mercedes likened to a bullet train, with a really aerodynamic profile. The interior of the EQS had already been shown off, including the huge MBUX display inside, as relevant in the rear as it is in the front.

There’s loads of power behind that MBUX system, with easy access to anything you want, so you can sit in the passenger seat and watch a movie, not just in the back. There’s level 2 autonomy too, so with a press of a button, the EQS will take over the controls so you can relax a little more.

There’s class-leading interior space to keep you comfortable in the plush interior.


For the 108kWh battery, Mercedes is citing a range of 770km – over 400 miles – while it will charge at up to 200kW to keep you on the road. Here’s a summary of the models that will be offered first:

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  • EQS 450+ – 245kW, RWD, 0-62mph 6.2s
  • EQS 580 4MATIC – 385kW, AWD, 0-62mph 4.3s

There will be a 560kW performance version in the future, while there will be a 90kWh version too. Not all models will be available in all regions – for example the EQS 450+ is the only model that Mercedes is planning to offer in the UK.

To help convince you, those who opt for the EQS will get a year of free charging from the Ionity network.

The Mercedes EQS will be on sale late summer 2021, with deliveries expected towards the end of 2021.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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