Most popular jobs in Canada for Newcomers

Most popular jobs in Canada for Newcomers – It’s no secret that Canada remains one of the most sought-after countries for immigrants in the world today. For many people, work is one motivating factor for wanting to move to a new country and Canada offers some of the best job opportunities for new immigrants looking to move.

With the current shortage of skilled workers in the country, the Canadian government has developed fast-track immigration programs for individuals with high-priority skills.  This has contributed to making Canada attractive to new immigrants.

This article would explore job opportunities in Canada for new immigrants or persons hoping to migrate.

Top jobs in Canada for Newcomers

  1. Truck Drivers

As with most countries, Canada requires the services of truck drivers to facilitate ease of transportation and delivery of goods and services to different parts of the country. Unfortunately, the number of young drivers available for this role has reduced drastically. So much so that it’s been expected that Canada would be short by 27,000 in the coming years.

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The services of truck drivers are greatly in demand in all of Canada’s territories and provinces. It’s no wonder British Columbia has it as one of its in-demand jobs. It is quite easy to migrate to Canada as a truck driver with little or no education needed.

  1. Pharmacists

Since the pandemic, the demand for healthcare professionals has skyrocketed in many countries around the world. Unfortunately, Canada tops this demand board as the need for skilled healthcare workers has seen a significant hike. Coupled with this is Canada’s aging population; healthcare workers such as pharmacists are needed to take care of this sect of Canadian citizens. In all, being a pharmacist is easily one of the best jobs for new immigrants.

  1. Nurses

As stated earlier, Canada has an aging population, and to cater to these persons, more healthcare workers would be needed. Nurses play a crucial role in the administration of this care. Hence, regions and territories alike are looking to admit more registered nurses. So, if you fit the bill or know someone who does, be sure to tell them their Canadian dream just got real!

  1. Software Engineers/Developers

The tech industry is gradually taking the world by storm. More than ever, companies are becoming increasingly technology-reliant and this translates to filling jobs created by this move, with highly skilled talents.

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Canada’s growth in telecommunications and mobile tech has fuelled the nation’s demand for skilled tech professionals. Given that the industry is here to stay, we should expect an increase in this demand.

  1. College Instructors

There is a demand for college instructors in Canada. It is projected that  Canada would be short of 6000 instructors in the coming years.

Instructors in Canada lecture in both college and technical schools and since learning is continuous, they would always be needed. If you have this skill, you may want to explore becoming one.


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