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Mysterious Monolith Suddenly Disappears from Ahmedabad Park Leaving Behind a Small Note

While the mystery behind suspicious monoliths appearing across different countries still remain unsolved, the Indian monolith mystery just got a little clearer.

The monolith had appeared at a park in Ahmedabad two weeks ago but now it has disappeared. The pyramidical tower has been replaced by a metal sphere!

The Symphony Forest Park in Thaltej had become a centre of attention upon the monolith’s appearance. Many flocked in to spend a day at the park and have a look at this mysterious object. But then it went missing on Tuesday.

The small spherical ball to replace the pillar came with a note.

“… and so too has impermanence given us an opportunity for change. Change, we shall.”

The note goes on to explain everyone, from 8-year-olds to 80-years-old, have shown genuine curiosity and “boundless enthusiasm” over the pillar. It says they have “shown has given me more than I could have asked for.”

The note then thanks everyone for their attention. It further requests the people to direct their attention to the natural beauty around us.

Many tourists were in the area just to see the monolith. However, they had to return disappointed as the monolith was gone.

The mysterious monolith had created quite a buzz among the local population. However, no one could ever explain to the purpose of this object. There were even a set of numbers etched on one of the sides of the pillar which still remains a mystery.

According to Indian Express, a park official said there is absolutely no mystery to it all. “Its purpose is simple but clear, to promote a conversation about the natural habitats and to encourage wildlife conservation,” said the park’s managing body in a former statement. The park is maintained by two government and private institutions: the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation as well as Symphony Ltd. They suggest that the artist behind the installation must have hoped it would gather attention. The attention in turn would result in an increased footfall in the park, allowing people to appreciate the natural beauty around them.

They said once people would be invested, they would also make sure that nature is also protected in the future (with or without the mystery of the monolith drawing them).

The statement said that the intent behind this project was to shift “the focus of the conversation to revolve around wildlife conservation and awareness of the natural parks across India.”

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