Omega x Swatch collaborate on Speedmaster MoonSwatch collection, and they look epic

Two iconic watch brands have teamed up to launch a limited collection of watches. Those two brands: luxury watch-maker, Omega, and poppy, colourful Swatch. The end result is pretty much exactly how you’d imagine it: colourful, poppy versions of a classic Omega watch. 

The Bioceramic MoonSwatch is a reimagining of the classic Speedmaster Moonwatch, with the aim of making it a bit more playful, colourful and – thankfully – more affordable. And no, these aren’t smartwatches. 

Watches are built using what Swatch calls ‘Bioceramic’, which is a combination of ceramic and a material made from castor oil (it’s about 2/3rds ceramic). 

The range features 11 models, each with different colour combinations, but each representing a planet in our solar system, plus the sun and earth’s moon. 

The range comprises of the following: 

  • Mission to the Sun – Bright yellow case, golden/yellow brushed dial, white velcro strap and index/bezel
  • Mission to Mercury – Deep gray case and dial, black index/bezel, metallic grey Velcro strap
  • Mission to Venus – Pastel pink case, white dial and Velcro strap
  • Mission to Earth – Navy blue dial and Velcro strap, mint green case, white sub-dials
  • Mission to  the Moon – Black dial and Velcro strap, light grey case
  • Mission to Mars – Bright red case, white dial and white Velcro strap
  • Mission to Jupiter – Beige case and dial, black Velcro strap
  • Mission to Saturn – Sandy beige case and dial, brown dial/index, brown Velcro strap
  • Mission to Uranus – Pastel blue case and dial, white Velcro strap, white bezel/index
  • Mission to Neptune – Deep navy blue dial and index, light blue case, black Velcro strap
  • Mission to Pluto – Light grey case, cream colour dial, burgundy sub-dials and index, black Velcro strap

The “proper” Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is famously the model worn on all six moon landings by NASA astronauts, with new models costing in the thousands. Thankfully, this Swatch collab means these colourful versions are a lot more accessible. 

In the UK, all models in the range will cost £207 when they go on sale on 26 March, but there is a slight catch: you’ll only be able to buy them in a physical Swatch store. They’re not going to be made available to buy direct online. 

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