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Paw-dorable Photo of Handsome Pug Dressed in Traditional Malayali Attire Goes Viral

No amount of words can describe the relationship between a dog and its human. These friendly creatures, with their puppy eyes and adorable expressions, can put you in a good mood anytime. It goes without saying that dogs become a part of your family by the love and affection they give and receive. If you’re a dog parent, you might already know how fun it is to dress up your doggo in different costumes or just match attires with them for special occasions.

Such paw-dorable pictures have taken the internet by storm in which a pug can be seen wearing traditional Malayali attire, ‘Kalli Mundu’. The pictures are captioned ‘if anyone is looking for a handsome Malayali boy to get their beautiful daughter married off to’.

The post went viral winning the hearts of social media users and many people came forward with ‘rishtas.’

Take a look at the picture here:

The pictures were shared by a Twitter user on January 22. The pug can be seen rocking the ‘mundu’ look with a bright pink shirt smiling for the camera with his tongue out. While in the first picture, he is standing with the help of a woman, in another one he is seated in front of a plate full of traditional cuisine.

People couldn’t stop gushing over the doggo and some turned matchmakers for him.

A social media user shared a picture of her pug and wrote that her girl is here and she is from Kashmir.

Another one joked how the dog looks better than most guys in her college batch. She further shared that college in those days was bell bottoms and printed shirts with embroidery.

Others called it ‘adorable’ and said that the post has made their day.

The handsome doggo surely deserves all the attention he is getting online. Do you know any female pug you think is a match for him?

In December 2020, a similar incident had gone viral in which the baby shower of a dog named Lucy was being celebrated. Dressed up in a green frock, Lucy was sitting on a jhula and female family members performed her aarti.

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