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Performance electric models from VW will wear the GTX badge

(Pocket-lint) – VW has confirmed that its sporty top-of-the-line electric cars with a leaning towards performance are going to wear the GTX badge.

It follows on from the familiar GTI, more-recent GTE, and not forgetting GTD for those performance diesels that are now a lot less popular. It means you’ll be able to spot those ID models with a little extra pep on the road.

The first model we’ll see is the ID.4 GTX, which will be unveiled on 28 April – and show off what to expect from a performance electric VW. That’s likely to include exterior styling, as well as all-wheel drive.

As you’d expect, these are going to be dual motor versions, likely with the largest battery capacity that VW can squeeze in and appropriately, the highest price.

There are a number of different spec for the current ID.4, with lower-power options across Europe, while the UK models are currently 77kWh with a 150kW motor for 204PS with the motor driving the rear wheels.

The ID.4 GTX is expected to add a front motor for all-wheel drive; we suspect that additional motor will be 80kW like the Audi Q4 e-tron (resulting in the equivalent of 299PS) – and we suspect the timing of VW’s announcement was to give Audi time to announced its Quattro model before the VW ID.4 GTX.

Adding the GTX badge is an important step, with choice and performance still being attractive to car buyers. While driving sensibly will always get the best range out of your electric car, offering something to lift a GTX model over the rest of the ID models on the road will help attract buyers who might otherwise be reluctant to make the jump to electric.

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It’s unlikely that we’ll see an ID.3 GTX, but we suspect that the badge will be widely used to add appeal to a range of models in the future.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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