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Portuguese Teenager Finds Message in a Bottle Floating in the Sea, Now Looks for Writer

In a real-life rendition of ‘Message in A Bottle’ novel by Nicholas Sparks, a Portuguese teenager found a plastic bottle in the ocean with a handwritten note inside. 17-year-old Christian Santos, known for picking plastics out of the water, was spearfishing with his cousin when he found a crunched energy drink bottle floating in the ocean in the Azores, near the island of São Jorge. Santos grabbed the bottle and noticed that it contained something inside. What happened next was something straight out of a romance film.

To his surprise, the bottle had a note written by a Vermont teenager with an orange marker on a white paper, who had thrown the message-in-a-bottle into the water while he was in Rhode Island, US back in 2018. The message read, “It is Thanksgiving. I am 13 and visiting family in Rhode Island. I am from Vermont. If found, email messageinabottle2018@gmail.com.”

Christian’s mother, Molly Santos narrated the incident on Facebook along with a picture of the note. She stated that her son was diving in the Azores when he found a bottle with a note in it. While they have tried to contact the person through the written email, there was no response from the other side yet. She urged her followers to ask their friends from Vermont to share the post so they could find the kid after all this time.

The bottle covered almost 2,400 miles from Rhode Island to the Azores to reach Christian, who calls the rare catch more than a coincidence as the family used to live in Boston before they moved to Portugal when he was 5. While talking to Boston Globe, Molly asked what are the chances that someone from Portugal, who could read English, found it and understood what it said.

Christian informed the news that he would like to meet the writer and tell him how he found it, where the bottle was and what he was doing. He added that they are going to be friends for life.

The author of the message would be around 15 or 16, almost as same as Santo’s age.

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