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Real-life Bahubali? Viral Video of Man Climbing Ladder with Motorcycle on Head Has Amused Internet

The movie Baahubali gave us several incredible moments where the protagonist displays his ungodly strength and uses it to carry out unattainable tasks. While watching the movie, we all knew that these movies make much use of VFX and props to create onscreen magic. Surely, such tasks cannot be performed by us mortals in real life. A viral video on the internet is, however, proving otherwise. In the 15-second clip on social media, a man, who appears to be a daily wage worker, is carrying a motorcycle over his head as he climbs a ladder to place the vehicle atop a bus. And the man is certainly doing it without any special effects.

The video has received over two lakh views and thousands of comments with many dubbing the man as real-life ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Shaktiman’. Others even called him a ‘Rajnikanth fan’. The actor is known for his action-packed movies. Some users, however, were not amused and took to social media to highlight the plight of the labourer calling it ‘shameful’ that some people have to risk their lives like this to earn a living. Many questioned how can the lives of such less fortunate be improved.

The hair-raising video shows the man, without any safety gear, carefully balancing the vehicle on his head and taking the ladder one step at a time as another holds it down for him, till he reaches the top. Many guessed that the weight of the bike would have been anywhere from 150 kg to 80 kg.

While the user who shared the video wrote that it shows that even a small frame can have much strength in India, others were quick to point out that if anything, “it is kind of sad”. Users also commented on how the man wouldn’t even have received a minimum wage for this task.

Some users also shared positive comments over the post saying it is incredible to see such strength. Many even said that he should be sent to the Olympics to represent India in weightlifting.

A similar video went viral in June last year. The 40-second clip shows how some people help a daily wage worker lift a motorcycle and place it over his head. The man then, with perfect balance, climbs the ladder as passengers in the bus watch him in awe through their windows.

What do you think of this feat is it Incredible India or Incredibly Sad India?

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