Relocate to Canada without a high IELTS score, Family member in Canada and Proof of Funds

Relocate to Canada without a high IELTS score, Family member in Canada, and Proof of Funds – For many people around the world, the goal of relocation to a new country is to end up as permanent residents. For countries like Canada, the number of people continually making efforts to move is constantly on the increase. This is because becoming permanent residents is beneficial in a number of ways.

First, let us briefly explore these benefits:

  1. Certainty

It is quite difficult to lose a Canadian PR status after you get it.

  1. Travel benefits

Canada is one country with an excellent reputation. Thus, its PR holders are able to travel to several countries without or visa or get issued one upon arrival. This category includes the USA, UK, and Schengen countries – which covers most European countries.

  1. Healthcare

As with her citizens, Canadian PR holders and their dependents enjoy free access to highly efficient medical services

  1. Job Opportunities

Some jobs would require you to be a resident before you can be considered. Jobs in the Government can easily fit into this category.

  1. Benefits for Children

For persons under 18 years, there are some benefits accruable to them as children of Canadian PR holders. These children could get as much as $500 dollars depending on their age. They are also entitled to reduced tuition in Canadian colleges and universities.

How Can I apply for Canada PR with a low IELTS score?

The Canadian Express Entry program is the fastest immigration pathway for Canadian PR visas. However, one needs to meet several conditions before one can successfully immigrate via the route. One of which is acing the language proficiency examination also known as IELTS. Basically, the Canadian Express Entry program has high language proficiency requirements.

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However, there are over 80 immigration programs under Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to help immigrants move to Canada, and out of these programs, some have low IELTS score requirements. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are one of those immigration programs that provide an immigration pathway to Canada PR Visa with a low IELTS score. Some of these PNPs are as follows:

  1. Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Also known as Alberta Advantage Immigration Program is tailored to cater to the labor market scarcity in Alberta. Individuals who have the ability and skills to cater to this market are advised to apply. Applications from skilled workers are accepted through the Alberta Opportunity Pathway and Express Entry system.

The minimum IELTS requirement for this Program is 4.5.

  1. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

Here, Saskatchewan offers an immigration pathway to applicants under this program. Through the SINP, the province can invite Canada PR applications from non-Canadians who wish to settle in Saskatchewan and can afterward nominate successful applicants to the Federal Government for the issuance of Canada PR.

The SINP has different immigration options from opportunities for International skilled workers to express entry options. You can check your eligibility status here 

The minimum IELTS requirement for this route is 4.5

  1. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

This program chooses candidates for immigration to Manitoba depending on the specific needs of the province.

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Immigration streams range from skilled worker pathways to International Education Pathways.

The minimum IELTS requirement for this route is also 4.5

You see, Low IELTS scores shouldn’t be the basis to give up your dreams. These options can be readily explored

How can I relocate to Canada without Proof of Funds or a Family member?

It is also entirely possible to relocate to Canada without these options. Two routes can appeal to you here, one is the study route and the other is the work experience route.

  1. Study Route

This is becoming a more common route for relocation to Canada. Persons are advised to seek and apply for scholarships or admission into Canadian schools.

There are a number of Fully funded or Partial scholarships available to you. Applying for a work permit afterward is a sure step toward your PR.

  1. Work Experience

As the gap between countries is continually bridged by technology, job interviews can easily be conducted online via skype or zoom. Therefore, applications can be made to the myriad of job opportunities available in Canada.

Your employer then takes over the process for the work application process.


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