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Ring Car Connect will soon provide advanced overwatch for any car – starting with Tesla

(Pocket-lint) – Ring is giving car manufacturers the power to provide security alerts and record vehicle video footage, thanks to a new service, Ring Car Connect. 

As part of the company’s expansion from the home to the car, announced at Amazon’s annual Devices & Services event, Ring indicated that customers will soon be able to receive mobile notifications for detected events, check whether their car is locked or unlocked and even watch back video footage that has been recorded.


Developers will be able to work on integrating the service straight away, with Ring indicating that any auto manufacturer can integrate into the service.

However, Amazon announced that Tesla models 3, X, S and Y will be the first compatible cars. So, for example, if Tesla drivers opt for the $199.99 Ring Car Connect, they will be able to watch Tesla Sentry Mode and recorded footage within the Ring app (whether on Wi-Fi or LTE). 

With so many vehicles already featuring built-in cameras, and reverse back-up cameras mandated on all new cars in the US since 2018, it’s easy to see why Amazon and Ring are looking to integrate into existing technology. 

However, it’s naturally unclear at this stage how many, and how quickly, car manufacturers jump into the platform. 

This isn’t the only car announcement that the company made, with Ring Car Alarm and Ring Car Camera also launching.


Writing by Conor Allison.

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