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Samsung reveals under-display camera – but in a laptop, not Galaxy S21

(Pocket-lint) – There was a lot of talk about Samsung releasing an under-display camera in the Galaxy S21 flagship phone. However, that’s not the case – but Samsung is releasing a device with such a camera. But it’s a laptop, not a flagship phone.

In the past Samsung has shown off its under-display development projects, proving that the company can deliver such technology. So it’s no surprise to see it implemented – especially when other brands, such as ZTE, are already releasing such products (namely the ZTE Axon 20 5G).

So what is this mystery device with an under-display camera? It’s a Samsung laptop complete with what the company calls ‘Blade Bezel’ – i.e. there’s hardly any trim around the edges of the screen, making for an almost edge-to-edge experience. And it looks mighty impressive, we must say (see the 720p video from Weibo source below – just click to full-screen it).

Given that there’s no bezel in which to mount a camera, the only solution – in the screen area, at least, as we’ve seen keyboard-placed cameras before now (see Huawei) – is for an under-display option.

It’ll remain more-or-less hidden from sight at all times, although we suspect the visual fidelity in a small area where the camera needs to “see” through the screen will be lower – as we’ve seen in other examples.

As for privacy, there’s a question mark over the control of such a camera. It’s not as though you can apply a privacy shutter here. And a sticky note on the screen to cover it? Well, it’d literally be on the screen itself, as there’s basically no bezel. First world problems, eh?

Writing by Mike Lowe.

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