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Snapdragon Summit 2020: Watch Qualcomm detail the tech for next year’s flagship phones

(Pocket-lint) – Snapdragon Summit is held annually, giving Qualcomm the chance to talk about its Snapdragon hardware, to announce and showcase the tech that will be in smartphones and other devices in 2021 and beyond. 

For several years it has been held in Maui, Hawaii, bringing together a global tech audience. This year it’s all virtual obviously. Although a lot of it is exclusive to media and analysts, the two main keynotes are livestreamed to the public. 

We have embedded that livestream at the top of the page so you can watch along.

When is the Snapdragon Summit? 

Snapdragon Summit is running from 1-2 December and there will be a keynote speech on each of those dates. 

Those keynote speeches start at 7am PST:

  • San Francisco – 7am
  • New York – 10am
  • London – 2pm
  • Berlin – 3pm
  • New Delhi – 8:30pm
  • Tokyo – 1am 
  • Sydney – 2am

What to expect from Snapdragon Summit

A new flagship Snapdragon platform

Over the past few years Qualcomm has used Snapdragon Summit to launch its flagship Snapdragon platform – the Snapdragon 845 in 2017, the 855 in 2018 and the 865 in 2019. So we’re expecting the next-generation version to appear this time around featuring the X60 modem that would have launched at Mobile World Congress this year – if it had happened. 

Other hardware advances

We’ve seen other hardware platforms from Qualcomm discussed in the past at Snapdragon Summit – the company also has PC hardware, mixed reality hardware, audio hardware and a whole lot more. Watch this space for more on those.

We’ll bring you all the news from Snapdragon Summit as it happens.

Writing by Chris Hall and Dan Grabham.

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