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Sunil Gavaskar Said ‘Chal Phut’ to Foreign Players Criticizing Pitches and a Meme Was Born

India’s comprehensive ten-wicket win within two days in the Pink Ball Day and Night Test at Motera divided the cricket world into two halves. One wondered if the pitch was unfit for a “balanced” game between the batter and bowler and the second that blamed the English unit and critiqued them to get themselves together and look forward to the fourth Test. Amid the never-ending chatter on how Motera’s pitch should and shouldn’t have been, veteran cricketer and batting legend Sunil Gavaskar has come out and asked the Indians folks to simply say “chal phut (get lost)” to critics and move on.

Appearing on a Star Sports segment during the fourth and final Test clash between India and England, Gavaskar wondered why Indians gave importance to the countless opinions expressed by foreign players and said that one should pay no heed to what the former English cricketers had to say about the pitch. Giving them attention would mean that they would keep giving out their opinions, he said. The cricketer-turned-commentator brought up India’s debacle at the Adelaide where the side slumped to 36/9 but the media in Australia didn’t bother to report as to what the former Indian players had to say.

“The discussion should’ve been around bowling and batting. The batsmen got bowled or were given LBW, how can we call it a bad pitch? Why do we give so much importance to foreign players? Why should we discuss what they are saying?” Gavaskar quipped.

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Since then, Gavaskar’s on-air rant of sorts has been trending on social media including the microblogging site Twitter. Many hilariously imagined situations where they could simply say “chal phut” and moonwalk out of the situations.

Earlier, Sir Vivian Richards had slammed those who were “moaning” about the pitch situation.

“I just felt that the ones who are moaning, in my opinion, should realise that there are times that you’re going to get a seaming track, a ball that is basically jumping off a good length and everyone thinks that’s a problem for batters. There are times batters sometimes cope with that. But now you’ve seen the other side, and this is why I think it was given the name Test match cricket, because of the test of the mind and will and everything else that goes with it when you’re competing.”

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