How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos

Video creators, editors, and producers know how time-consuming it can be to add subtitles to YouTube videos, especially when the videos are long. But the benefits of subtitles in making your videos engaging and helpful are numerous. With subtitles, your videos can reach a wider audience that speaks different languages, and also be accessible to … Read more

How to Identify Fake News on WhatsApp Using Fact-Checking Tiplines

WhatsApp is often used for circulating fake news and misinformation. Although the instant messaging app is claiming to have implemented a list of features to restrict fake news circulation, WhatsApp users get misleading messages containing unverified information on a regular basis. It, thus, becomes important to know how you can verify the information you get … Read more

How to Add Your COVID-19 Vaccine Records to Apple Health, Wallet on Your iPhone

COVID-19 vaccine certificate is a validation that shows whether you have successfully completed a vaccination course. In light of the ongoing pandemic, the certificate acts as a ticket to make use of many necessary services across the globe, and we are required to carry it everywhere. However, the easiest way to access the COVID-19 vaccine … Read more