72% of Federal Student Loan Borrowers Aren’t Financially Ready to Resume Payments

Rumblings emerged from Washington, D.C., in early March that the White House was considering yet another extension of the pandemic-inspired moratorium on federal student loan repayment. That would be welcome news for a majority of borrowers nationwide. Nearly 3 in 4 federal student loan holders report not being financially ready to resume monthly payments if … Read more

Something in the Way We Move

Each of us appears to have a unique way of moving, a physical “signature” that is ours alone, like our face or fingerprints, according to a remarkable new study of people and their muscles. The study, which used machine learning to find one-of-a-kind patterns in people’s muscular contractions, could have implications for our understanding of … Read more

Are There Benefits to Drinking Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented food, much like cultured yogurt, cheese, kefir, kimchi and sauerkraut. Traditionally a carbonated drink with live micro-organisms, kombucha is made by brewing together sugar, black or green tea, liquid from a previous batch and the Scoby, short for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (though its more popular nickname is “mother,” … Read more

10 Years After an Exercise Study, Benefits Persist

These men and women returned to the lab for new tests of their aerobic fitness and metabolic health. They also completed questionnaires about their current medical condition and medications and how often they exercised each week. Then the researchers started comparing results and found telling differences. Most of the men and women from the control … Read more

Bananas vs. Sports Drinks? Bananas Win in Study

The volunteers also showed less-stressed metabolite profiles if they had had carbohydrates during their rides, whether those calories had come from a bottle or a banana. But there were differences in the activity of some genes. In particular, the scientists found that the riders’ blood cells produced less of a genetic precursor of an enzyme … Read more

Is Your Workout Not Working? Maybe You’re a Non-Responder

Is your workout getting you nowhere? Research and lived experience indicate that many people who begin a new exercise program see little if any improvement in their health and fitness even after weeks of studiously sticking with their new routine. Among fitness scientists, these people are known as “nonresponders.” Their bodies simply don’t respond to … Read more