Your Thanksgiving May Be Classic, but Your Leftovers Don’t Have to Be

My dad always said that the best part of the Thanksgiving turkey was nibbling the crisp, fatty bits of skin that fell off his knife as he carved. The turkey sandwiches the next day were the second best part. Sure, he’d say, a plate of dark meat and gravy was all well and good. But … Read more

When a College Student Has a Troubled Roommate

How much do the roommate’s troubles bother your son or daughter? If safety is not an immediate concern, you’ll want to find out what the roommate’s difficulties mean to your college student. For example, your son might say that his roommate drinks too much and often misses class, but that the roommate isn’t disruptive because … Read more

Practicing Gratitude, for a Change

I walked back into the room and lounged on the sofa, nursing my coffee gloomily. “It’s only a day,” my aunt reminded me. But what was Thanksgiving without the tumble and chaos of preparing a meal for a hodgepodge of people you loved? Sometimes the gratitude I felt once we were all gathered over dinner … Read more

How to Be Mindful at the Holiday Table

“Holidays often come wrapped in memories and expectations. Mindfulness offers the gift of being present in the moment. Just show up and be interested. At holidays, this means simply being present in the moment with compassion for yourself, and others.” — Nina Smiley, director of mindfulness programming at Mohonk Mountain House. As you sit down … Read more