Three (3) Best Canadian Cities for International Students

Three (3) Best Canadian Cities for International Students – As an international student, where you live influences your experience greatly. It also exposes you to both work and life opportunities. Canada remains one of the top destinations for international students and by living in one of the top cities, you can be sure of having a maximum experience.

Let’s explore the top 5 cities best suited for international students in Canada! These cities offer you supportive communities, part-time work placements while studying, and subsidized public transportation.

1. Montreal

With a world ranking of being the 9th best study city, Montreal easily stands as number one on this list. Every year, more than 300,000 students are accepted into different universities and colleges in Montreal. Known for providing top-class education, especially in science and technology-related courses, these universities are equally highly celebrated. An example is McGill University which has a world ranking of 24. The city is also popular for its cultural extravaganza and overall entertainment.

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Factors that make Montreal student Friendly

Criteria Particulars
1. Language English and French
2. Best Universities McGill University

HEC Montreal

Concordia University

Polytechnic School of Montreal

University of Montreal


3. Cost of Living 2000 CAD – 2500 CAD
4. Safety It is the world’s 17th most safe city
5. Employment Opportunities A lot of job opportunities for International Students. French language could be a barrier
6. Ease of Transportation The city has affordable and easy transportation


2. Vancouver

Although one of the most expensive cities in the world, Vancouver remains a top choice for international students. Many are drawn by its pleasant environment and natural beauty.

Criteria Particulars
1. Best Universities University of British Columbia

Columbia College

Simon Fraser University

University of Canada West

Langara University

2. Cost of living in Vancouver 2500 CAD – 3500 CAD


Employment Opportunities Here, there are a lot of employment opportunities for international students
3. Ease of Transportation Rapid transits through trains, buses, sea buses, and excellent railway services
4. City Diversity Different ethnic groups exist here. Chinese, European Canadian, English, and Scottish are some of the major ones
5. Safety The city is perceived to be safe.


3. Toronto

Foreigners make up 17% of the total number of students studying in Toronto presently. Acclaimed to be the cultural hub of Canada, the city is famous for its historical monuments, food festivals, and Art. Home to the famous University of Toronto (U of T), Toronto, remains a favorite among international students. Some reasons are listed below.

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Criteria Particulars
1. City Diversity It is the most multicultural city in the world. Over 140 languages are spoken in Toronto
2. Best Universities University of Toronto

York University

Ryerson University

Centennial College

3. Safety Ranks 81% on the safety index. However, one has to be mindful of online scams
4. Cost of Living 2200 CAD – 3000 CAD
5. Employment opportunities Fairly good employment opportunities are provided for the students
6. Ease of Transportation The city provides Subways, street cars, and bus services. The transportation costs are affordable


The decision on which city to study in must be made carefully. As each city is unique, so are the needs of different students. Your choice should be made in line with your aspirations and future plans.

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