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TikTok User Made Mashes Potatoes From Chips and Everyone is Salty About It

Cooking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, nevertheless, people around the world do keep experimenting with food to concoct a fusion of new dishes, which most of the time turn out bizarre.

We saw several such food trends during the lockdown as people spent more time in their homes and kitchens than ever. This time an unusual recipe of mashed potatoes is doing the rounds. It has, however, left the fans of the popular side dish, which has a cult status among food connoisseurs to novices, aghast.

A man’s brave attempt of cooking mashed potatoes is being dubbed as “illegal” on the internet and netizens have been horrified by seeing him make it with chips!

According to a Times Now report, recently a TikTok user, who boasts to be ‘the most evil chef’, posted a video of himself preparing his signature cheesy mashed potatoes. In the video clip we can see him adding salt and vinegar to a pan of water. He then empties six packets of Lay’s chips into it once the water starts to boil. He waits until the chips boil down to a mashed consistency, while occasionally stirring them. Once the chips melt and turn to goop, he proceeds to drain the excess/left over water and to everyone’s surprise goes ahead to drink it.

Watch it here:

[embedded content]

To complete the recipe, the TikTok chef then adds cheese and some smoked paprika to the pan until the mixture begins to turn red in colour. He then serves it and while tasting calls it ‘delicious’.

The video shared on YouTube by another user has gone viral. However, netizens don’t seem too happy with the outcome and have taken to the comments section to express their horrified reactions after watching the video.

One user said, ‘This made my stomach hurt hella bad’.

Another wrote, ‘No video has ever caused me more pain than this’.

Another commented, ‘Cops are on their way’.

Pleading for divine intervention, one user said, ‘I’ll buy him a bag of potato’s’.

Drawing on the most evil chef’s cooking prowess another user wrote, he added more salt in the water, despite the fact that the ‘chips weren’t salty already’.

Terming his exclamation ‘delicious’ a lie, another user commented that it was a lie from ‘the pit of hell’.

There are ‘multiple ways to be disturbed’ and watching the video is one of them, wrote another.

The dish should be in the record books for being the ‘saltiest Mashed Potatoes, said another.

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