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Top 5 Password Managers To Keep All Your Passwords And Logins Safe, In One Place

Working from home is a basic norm around the world now, and that means an even greater reliance on online accounts for work. And that simply means even more passwords to keep track of, and most importantly, keep safe. But how to you keep your passwords safe, and how do you remember them all? Save them on a note taking app on your phone? Yes? That was a trick question. Saving passwords on third-party note taking apps or for that matter on any app, is an absolute no-no. That is where password managers come in. Good password managers should be available across all devices that you use, and can protect your login details for all online accounts. Some of them can also help you generate unique and strong passwords. But which password manager app should you really use? We have some of the best options listed for you, right here.

Bitwarden: Bitwarden is one of the finest password managers for 2021 because of its open-source heritage as well as its unrivalled, and limitless, free version. With comparative security strength, this lightweight encryption programme can create, store, and automatically fill your credentials all across your gadgets and major browsers, including Brave and Tor. Its free version misses some features as you’d expect, but its premium editions are just as feature-rich as any rivals. That being said, we expect the very versatile free versions to work for most users.

LastPass: LastPass’s free edition formerly distinguished itself as the top password manager in this app space by allowing you to save passwords, user login information, and credentials and synchronize them anywhere you want between mobile devices and browsers. The Premium edition of the password manager also lets you share passwords, logins, memberships, and other stuff with trusted family and friends, utilise YubiKey for multifactor authentication and receive 1 GB of secured storage.

1Password: If you would feel safer with an incredibly popular password manager tool to maintain your login credentials private and safe, 1Password is the finest password manager for the job. It is a well known name in the space. It allows you to access all of your accounts and services with a single master password. It is compatible with all major device platforms too, which simply helps.

Dashlane: Dashlane is a simple and safe mechanism to manage passwords and save other login information. We enjoy it as much as our other recommendations for password management, however, the free Dashlane app restricts you to one device and 50 passwords. The $60 Premium membership is comparable to those offered by 1Password and LastPass. The Premium Plus yearly subscription costs $120 and includes credit and identity theft protection.

Keeper: Keeper is yet another safe password organizer that allows you to manage login information on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. A free version allows you to save an infinite number of passwords on a single device. The upgraded version costs $35 a year and allows you to sync passwords across numerous devices. You can obtain 10GB of safe file storage for approximately $45 per year.

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