Top Paying It Jobs In Canada

Top Paying It Jobs In Canada – It is no news that Canada is gradually becoming one of the most sought-after places for immigrants. More than ever before, people from different parts of the world are lured in by the promise of a better life, security, advanced health care systems, and of course, Job security.

As with the rest of the world, Canada is making the shift towards a digital economy. Tech-based companies all over the world have become important in improving a country’s GDP. Fortunately, Canada is not left out in this as the Canadian tech industry can easily be said to be one of its major economic drivers. Hence, the push by the Canadian government to bring in IT specialists through the Global Talent Stream (GTS) paves the way to permanent residency.

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According to Human Resource giant, Randstad Canada, “…. As the world moves closer towards a digital economy, technology-based companies have become essential to driving GDP, providing high-paying jobs and innovating a new world through continuous research and development of advanced technology”

In this article, we are going to explore 5 highest-paying IT Jobs in Canada


Here Are Top Paying It Jobs In Canada

  1. SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Is The Highest Paying It Jobs In Canada

Average earnings:  Between $42,178 – $112,125

Among tech professionals, Software developers are in high demand.  With the transition to a digital economy and the domestication of e-commerce, more employers are looking to bring in persons as software developers to modify, test, and integrate computer codes for software applications, data processing, communications software, etc. these persons have strong problem solving and analytical skills and are expected to know a few in-demand coding languages.


  1. IT Project Managers – Second On The List Of Top Paying It Jobs In Canada

Average earnings: Between $64,291 – $140,634

Also referred to as Technical Project Managers, these individuals oversee the development of the implementation of different IT projects. Strong leadership and management skills are crucial for this role. Although coding is not a requirement, an IT project manager with a bit of technical expertise is highly sought after. Certifications in Project Management like the PMI and the ability to translate between the business and technical worlds are also crucial abilities Technical Projects have.

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  1. IT Business Analysts – Third On The List Of Top Paying It Jobs In Canada

Average Earnings: $46,800 – $112,495

IT Business Analysts are tasked with converting raw data into usable insights, converting business requirements into statements of work, and analyzing past, current and future trends to provide the executives with the right information to make key market decisions.

As more businesses become IT reliant, Business analysts are crucial in getting companies to become more efficient.


  1. Network Engineer – Fourth On The List Of Top Paying It Jobs In Canada

Average Earnings: $48,750 – $124, 683

These individuals perform varying functions, from researching, planning, and designing to developing, evaluating, and integrating computer and telecommunications hardware and related equipment as well as information and communication system networks. In other words, they build, design, and maintain networks that allow data to pass between systems, people, and workflows making modern businesses possible.

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  1. Data Science Specialist – Fifth On The List Of Top Paying It Jobs In Canada

Average Earnings: $37,537 – $112,495

We all know that the currency of any business is data and its proper use is crucial to the success of businesses. These professionals design, develop and administer data management solutions using database management software.

According to Randstad Canada, the Canadian IT industry currently provides some of the best salaries in the country as such the demand for highly skilled tech talents would continue to grow exponentially in the coming years.


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