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UK Blogger Rebuilt Her Messy Backyard into a Pretty Tropical Garden for 2020’s Lockdown Summer

British Interior lifestyle blogger, Lydia Layton, overhauled the messy backyard of her home and transformed it into a treat for eyes. The 31-year-old mother of two took it upon herself to transform a mundane looking back garden in her Swanscombe, Kent home into a cosy spot with perfect lighting and sitting area and a hot tub with well spruced plants. Lydia’s home garden also includes a fire pit, barbecue, gas fire table, playhouse and lounge area.

In her latest Instagram post, Lydia shared the picture of the garden and mentioned that the idea to transform her backyard came to her when the coronavirus pandemic hit the country last year. The realisation, that her family could not travel abroad, inspired Lydia to bring the beautiful garden to her home. Captioning the post, Lydia wrote that getting their garden all prepped up in April last year was the best decision she ever made.


Lydia further wrote that she is glad that they were able to use and enjoy it all throughout the 2020 lockdown in summer. The blogger also mentioned that on Tuesday, she would be actually travelling to Singapore for a month via Dubai.She has beenlooking forward to plenty of beautiful garden inspiration for her to share.

In another post, Lydia wrote that since moving into this house, there was so much scope for what they could do because it was a new build, so it was just a white box. She knew from the start that they would have to save up to do a big landscaping project.Lydia grew up in Singapore and that is what inspired her to splurge nearly £10,000 on the big outdoor living lifestyle.

In her blog post, Lydia wrote that she was set on having her own little tropical paradise in the Garden City, and her research led her to buy a Chusan Palm. The plant is one of the hardiest palms and grows relatively fast, without getting too large.

We make our own happy place afterall!

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