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UK Woman’s Home Raided by Cops after Neighbours Report ‘Body’, Turned Out to be Halloween Prop

A woman in England was shocked to find a group of police officers searching her home, where the neighbours spotted what they believed was a dead body. Cara Louise, a 28-year-old mother of two, had put a dummy corpse outside her home in Bedfordshire during gardening, after using the prop for her children’s Halloween party last year. She forgot to put it back inside. Her neighbours, worried at the look of the real-looking corpse, dialled the authorities to report a murder.

The incident took place when the young mother was out to pick her son from school, and forgot to put the scary decoration back in the house.

LadBiblequoted Caraas saying, “I arrived home from the school run to see two police cars driving away from outside my house. I get out of the car to my neighbour standing there in which I ask jokingly ‘What have you done?’ Then I was told they were all at my house as three people had called in to report a dead body.”

What followed next was a series of hilarious exchanges between Cara and the police.

The 28-year-old mother’s son told the officers he did not want to get rid of the fake body bag as he loves it, leaving everyone present there in splits. Relieved at this, Cara said the police luckily did see the funny side of the situation.

Later, Cara asked the officers how could they mistake a Halloween prop for a dead body with legs this short to which one of them replied, “You might have cut them”, prompting her to sarcastically reply, “Oh, did you check my bins?” To which the officer suspiciously asked, “Should we?”

Netizens were quick to pick on the hilarious video which has since gone viral on social media. One user even asked whether the police actually ensured it wasn’t a body, and further deliberating, “Or was this the perfect crime.”

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