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‘Warm and Nostalgic’: This Viral Animated Video is Making 90’s Kids Miss Their Childhood

Childhood nostalgia is everyone’s drug. In the humdrum of adult life, one often finds looking back at days gone by to be a comforting emotion. An animator thought he should visualise the nostalgia of childhood, especially an Indian childhood before technology took over.

The short-animated clip created by Tarun Lak looks very reminiscent of a 1990s. However, no words are required to convey the emotions intended by the animator. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and these are multiple moving pictures holding thousands of emotions.

The short clip opens with a school-uniformed child standing beside a coconut-vendor’s cart as the seller sharpens the fruit with the yummy nectar inside. The boy pays him in exchange for the coconut and the seller promptly pockets his earnings as the child walks away. The next image shifts to an old man wearing a dhoti who is reading a newspaper on a cane chair. He shuts the paper close and pulls in a cane ottoman and relaxes and yawns, taking a nap probably? A quintessential small-town afternoon scene.

The next clip features a schoolgirl sitting on a parapet. She holds a tiffin, looks around for a moment, then opens the lunch box and proceeds to eat. Soon her friend arrives, happy and chirpy, and sits with her. The two are seen sharing each other’s lunch. This clip is likely to spark a million memories among the audience.

Then we see a boy who should be studying but is napping instead. He wakes up, picks up a bat, fumbles around with it striking a few imaginary cricketing shots. The last clip features a mother and a son. The mother fills up a couple of water containers at a hand pump. Later the little boy picks one of them up while the mother lifts the other one and walks away.

The video is entitled “India Vignettes, a compilation!” and has over 8 lakh views on Twitter!

People could not stop gushing over this video that revived their nostalgia.

The video creator Tarun Lak is an Indian-American animator who has worked for Pixar, Sony, and many other well-known organisations.

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