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Watch: How a US Cop Saved Two Dogs from Burning House in Florida in This Viral Video

A deputy of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office displayed a laudable effort to save a couple of dogs from outside a burning house in Florida, United States. The footage of the cop’s courageous act was captured in the body camera attached to his uniform. After the incident the clip has gone viral on social media as people hail the efforts of the deputy.

The incident occurred when the Pasco Sheriff’s deputies were responding to a house fire call in the Moon Lake area on Saturday evening. One of the deputies first made sure that all individuals were out of the burning house.

As he approached the fore, the deputy noticed the two dogs who were still on the property. He grabbed the dogs one by one before taking them to safety.

In the video captured by his bodycam, the cop can be seen moving towards the burning house where he finds a fluffy pet. He picks up the dog that blocks the camera’s view for a bit and then moves to get the other pup. He then carries them both over the other side of the street.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has narrated the event in a Facebook post. “On Saturday evening, Pasco Sheriff’s deputies responded to a house fire in the Moon Lake area. Upon arrival, the first deputy on scene immediately verified that all individuals were out of the house and were safe,” read the post.

“As he approached the fire to verify all were safe, he noticed two dogs still on the property. Without hesitation, the deputy immediately approached the dogs, who were in direct proximity to the burning house, and rescued them. They were then returned to their owners, unharmed,” the office added.

The post further said that such calls are never easy but they were glad to be present at the time of need on this particular occasion. The Sheriff’s Office said it was a fantastic example of law enforcement making an extraordinary effort to save everyone, including the pets.

“We fight as one with our community and this rescue demonstrates that perfectly,” the office said.

The netizens were impressed by the extraordinary effort made by the cop and glad that the two dogs were saved.

“That is so precious to watch,” wrote one user on the Facebook post.

“May God bless all of you for putting your lives on the line & animals are like people & that’s so great how you helped them ! We need more people like you! Thank you ! Those dogs thank you,” wrote another person.

“You sir I will be happy to buy a coffee or drink any day. Thank you for your service,” wrote a third.

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