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Watch: Terrifying Drone Footage Shows Man Swimming Above Hammerhead Shark in Miami

In Miami, Florida, a man came close to danger as he went for a swim in the glowing ocean. A drone footage revealed how the man was swimming above a fully grown hammerhead shark! The video was posted by Jason McIntosh on his Instagram profile. He is a local photographer.

The video opens with a shark swimming in the shallow waters off the coast of Miami. He turns and swims and is taking a leisurely ‘walk’ in his neighbourhood. The drone follows the shark’s movement. Suddenly, a man appears in the frame, floating on the water. He seems completely unaware about the beast swimming nearby.

Suddenly, the man is right above the shark, both oblivious to each other’s presence. The man on the surface is smiling, the shark underwater swims about freely.

The interesting, yet scary, video has been set to the music of MC Hammer’s You Can’t Touch This on the Instagram post. The stanza that begins with Its Hammer Time is oddly appropriate for the hammerhead shark featured in the video. McIntosh even captioned the video as, “Hammer time.” However, when the shark and the man come close, the music suddenly shifts to ominous background score.

Watch it here:


The video has garnered over 29,000 views on his profile. People were equally terrified and fascinated with the incident. “Amazing footage, fantastic soundtrack mix!!! They should real ease a drone with a speaker so you can alert people about sharks. Or jellyfish,” said one user.

McIntosh told Daily Mail, it’s his passion to shoot ocean wildlife and he was just flying the drone to check for pictures along the South Beach when he spotted this.

“I’ve seen hammerheads out there in the shoreline before, but my eyes lit up when I saw the guy floating backwards swimming with the shark starting to circle him. I had no way to warn him,” he said.

He reminded that we should not forget the ocean is their home and we are visitors in their environment. However, the shark didn’t seem to mind this intruder as he left the man undisturbed and swam away.

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