Ways to Enter Canada as a Skilled Worker without a Job Offer

Ways to Enter Canada as a Skilled Worker without a Job Offer – Canada remains one of the top countries in the world favored by immigrants. As the working population in the country gradually ages, there is a need to replace these retired professionals with new hires. Also, with many startups springing forth, it remains a daunting task for the nation to meet up with its growing labor market.

Ways to Enter Canada as a Skilled Worker without a Job Offer 2022

For the Canadian Government, the solution to this problem is to hire the best and brightest foreigners from around the world. Foreigners qualified for an in-demand job should consider these pathways and hurriedly apply.

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1. The Express Entry System

As you may know, the Express Entry system is one of the most popular pathways for immigrating into Canada. The first and most important step on this pathway is to determine your eligibility. Once confirmed that you meet the requirement, you may then create an online profile. With your information provided there, a Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) would be calculated and then you will be entered into a pool of applicants for one of the programs listed below;

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program: For people with qualifications and skills in professional or managerial occupations
  2. Federal Skilled Trade Program: Designed for people with qualifications or years of experience in trade occupations
  3. Canada Experience Class: This was created for people in the above class with one or more years of experience working in Canada in that trade/profession

For persons eligible for the above programs, maximizing your CRS is very important as you will be competing for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) with skilled workers and tradesmen from different countries in the world.

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2. The Provincial Nomination Program

The Provincial Nomination Program or PNP as it is called is another great way of immigrating into Canada as a skilled worker without a job offer. One may appeal directly to provinces seeking to meet the labor demands of their city. While the IT industry is booming in British Columbia, you may be approved for a residence permit in Ontario for being a truck driver.

The program types may differ according to province, but there is a common trend in the program types;

  1. In demand/ Critical Impact Categories: These categories cater to severe labor shortages in different provinces. As stated previously, the demands differ by the province as demands may range from Nurses to truck drivers.
  2. Skilled Worker Category: Quite similar to the express entry program. These are designed for people with significant experience in their occupations or qualifications. Applying to the province means entering into a smaller pool of applicants which may significantly improve your chances of success
  3. International Graduate Category: These categories apply to persons studying or intending to study in post-secondary institutions in different provinces. The province you study in will facilitate your application to become a permanent residence as long as you intend to continually live and work in that province

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Ways to Enter Canada as a Skilled Worker without a Job Offer – The important thing to note here is that the applications for the Provincial Nomination programs are not as clear-cut as that of the Express Entry Programs. You will be expected to submit different applications and documents at different times. It is therefore best that you completely understand the process for the province you wish to apply to before you begin your applications, or better still, hire a qualified Canadian immigration lawyer or consultant to aid your process.


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