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World Ethnic Day 2021: History, Significance and Celebration

The World Ethnic Day is celebrated on June 19 every year. The day aims at celebrating different cultures and ethnic groups. The day helps reconnect people with traditional and cultural roots and promote the true essence of age-old customs and traditions that have helped forged the different civilisations around the world.

World Ethnic Day: History

World Ethnic Day, a concept is the brainchild of Mumbai-child craftsvilla.com, the largest online marketplace for ethnic products. The day envisages a world that celebrates its heritage, civilisation, anthropology, art, and culture. It celebrates unique cultures around the world on a single day in unison.

The vibrant and colourful cultural event reflects the Diaspora and diversity of Indian culture and values. The day commemorates a mixture of the rich traditions and the vibrancy of India’s diversified culture and people. The day honours the unity in diversity of Indian culture and traditions.

World Ethnic Day: Significance

The world has over a thousand ethnic groups with considerable genetic, linguistic, cultural and social diversity. At least 820 ethnic and “ethnoreligious” groups in 160 countries have been identified around the world. (It is just an estimate, as the number for ethnic groups in the world would vary, depending on who is classifying and on what basis.)

The era of social media and digitization helped brought people of diverse ethnic groups together and helped encourage people of India and all across the world to soak in the realms of their ethnicity and enjoying the experiences for the lifetime.

World Ethnic Day 2021: Celebration

On this exuberant and colourful day, people celebrate the rich culture of India by wearing ethnic outfits. Complementing the beauty of their traditional dresses, people celebrate their traditional ornaments and accessories as they adorn their outfits with.

People also mark the day by gifting handicrafts, sweets, and musical instruments to each other. People also organise cultural events on the day and explore the traditional themes by relishing traditional food and enjoying music.

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