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Xiaomi ‘Charging’ Ahead: Stupidly-Fast 200W Wired Along With 120W Wireless Charging Showed-Off

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is taking fast charging to the next level. The company has shown off its latest fast charging tech and is claiming new world records for both wired and wireless charging speeds. Xiaomi has demonstrated a 200W wired “HyperCharge” system that will charge a smartphone fully in just 8 minutes, and 120W wireless charging that will charge a smartphone fully in 15 minutes. Xiaomi posted a video demonstrating its new charging technology, where the company used a modified Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro with a 4,000mAh battery. The video shows the smartphone charges to 10 percent in 44 seconds, goes to 50 percent battery in three minutes, and reaches 100 percent in eight minutes.

Xiaomi has, for the past couple of years, been focusing on its charging tech. The company was the first one to introduce a 100W fast charging system couple of years ago. The system teased by the company back in March 2019 charged a 4,000mAh battery in just 17 minutes. Last year, the company introduced its flagship smartphone, the Mi 10 Ultra with 120W fast charging – it is capable of charging fully in just 23 minutes.

Later, in October last year, Xiaomi announced what was the fastest-ever wireless charging speed at the time. The company demonstrated its 80W fast wireless charging technology in October, showing a 4,000mAh battery charging to 100 percent in just 19 minutes wirelessly. Xiaomi at the time said that this new leap is expected to set a new benchmark not only in wireless charging, but in charging as a whole.

Earlier this year, Xiaomi even announced a “remote charging” technology called Mi Air Charge. The Mi Air Charge technology can wirelessly charge multiple devices simultaneously over the air, meaning users won’t have to connect any cables or place their devices on a wireless charging pad in order to charge. The technology, while in its early phases, brings a whole new concept of wireless charging to the technology world.

Xiaomi has been working on its charging capabilities since the past couple of years. The efforts from the Chinese manufacturer do make it a leader in the smartphone charging technology space. Apart from Xiaomi, other Chinese brands are also taking charging speeds very seriously and is often an area of battle among Chinese brands. Oppo, another leader in the charging space last year demonstrated a 125W fast charging system that charged a 4,000mAh battery in just 20 minutes.

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